Heavy Duty Truck Parts Distributor in CA

Do you have a truck that you need to fix? If you want quality parts, Fremont Auto Parts has what you need. We are a heavy duty truck parts distributor for all of CA.

Check Out Our Extensive Inventory

We provide a wide-ranging inventory to provide you with heavy duty truck parts However, our inventory contains parts you won’t find at most places. We sell both specialty and odd parts, and if the part you need isn’t available with us, then we can order it for you at an affordable rate. Simply see our product categories to discover the various parts we can.

Order Your Heavy Duty Truck Parts

Discover all the parts we have online below. Our parts are available to order as single items or bulk parts. If you have questions about how to set up your order or order a specific number of a product, we are happy to go over anything you want to know.

Simply call us at +1 (559) 562-3999 or contact us online. We are open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm if you want to reach us in person. Don’t forget to inquire about the special offers we have going on!