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OTR: 7/8X3X18 Heavy Duty Parts

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OTR: 7/8X3X18 Heavy Duty Parts

Summary: The OTR 7/8X3X18 Heavy Duty Part is designed to deliver superior performance and durability in various heavy-duty applications.

Key Features:

  • Durable construction for long-lasting quality
  • Precision engineering for optimal performance
  • Compatible with a range of heavy-duty machinery


Perfect for use in construction equipment, agricultural machinery, and other heavy-duty vehicles.


  • Enhanced durability to withstand tough operating conditions
  • Improved performance for increased efficiency
  • Reliable operation to minimize downtime

Additional Details:

Size: 7/8 x 3 x 18

Material: High-quality steel

Weight: [Insert weight here]

Refer to original manufacturer for any applicable warranties

Additional information

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Dimensions 19.6 × 5.25 × 1.55 in